Contemporary Home Cheshire


Client brief:

The owners of a brand new architect designed, leading edge, modern home in Cheshire commissioned Composite Imaging to create artwork throughout their house. They not only required something aesthetically pleasing & in keeping with the very contemporary space to break up the many blank walls; but they also wanted if possible to reduce the echo & reverberation caused by the incorporation of a lot of hard surfaces in the interior design of the house.  Composite imaging was able to fulfil this brief using their recently developed Acoustic Canvas product. Our clients had a love of Marimekko design.  Marimekko is a Finnish textile design company renowned for its original prints and colours. It was established in 1951 and still manufactures high-quality interior decoration textiles.  Composite agreed that the simplicity of these designs would complement the minimal interior very well and set about researching the range of designs available to use to create the acoustic canvases. Click here to find out more about our Acoustic product

Materials used:

The Marimekko designs were stretched on a 4.5cm stretcher & the cavity of the panel filled with a sound absorbent mineral fibre board with properties to control reverberant sound fields within the area.

The Artwork Solution:

A selection of suitable Marimekko designs was made by composite Imaging & a proposal put together of what designs would work best in the different areas of the house to complement the existing furnishings. Our client was delighted with the results and the improvement in the acoustics in their home.