Art on Acoustic Canvas


Acoustic Art

Our acoustic wall canvas panels are a unique product where we effectively combine our creative images with sound absorbing material that will improve the acoustics of many contemporary interiors, which tend to incorporate a lot of hard surfaces in their design.


The acoustic canvas designs are created on a special sound transparent material of recycled polyester which will allow the absorption of sound. The design selected from our extensive gallery, when digitally printed, is colour fast, wash fast and stain resistant & can be can be chemically treated  to provide a Class ‘O’ fire rating subject to a minimum order.


The giclee fine art print is then stretched on a 30, 45 or 52 mm stretcher & the cavity of the panel is filled with a sound absorbent mineral  fibre board with properties to control reverberant sound  fields within the area. The fibre meets the fire performance requirements of BS476: Part 7 Class 1 surface spread of flame.


This Acoustic wall panel incorporates Soft Sound  technology & has a tested sound absorption coefficient rating. The efficiency of the acoustic wall art will depend on the ratio of the room area & the number of panels placed. Other factors will clearly have an impact, glazed areas, height of ceilings, hard surfaces etc. This art on canvas is designed to help or assist reduce average noise reverberations in normal circumstances.  Any major acoustic building issues should be referred to a commercial acoustic engineer.  

Acoustic Art – Case study