Art on Wood



Wood Art


Our wall art wood panels may be digitally printed directly onto the wood’s (MDF) natural surface or the ground can be painted first with white paint and then direct printed. The sides are painted white or black to suit the design.


A variety of gauges of our MDF wall art are available from 6-25mm, although 12mm is generally used. The wood can be printed on panels up to a maximum size of 1220 x 2440mm.The printed mdf designs are hung using concealed brass mirror plates or split batons.


Special shapes can be incorporated into the digital designs using a router to cut shapes, including circles & curves.


Our art on wood is suitable for a wide range of locations including: offices, hospitals, restaurants/bars, hotel & leisure environments and homes. Here follows some examples of projects we have done using our digitally printed MDF.

  Wood Art – Case study