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Based in Didsbury, Composite Imaging was founded by Paulette and Jackie eight years ago when they were reunited after first meeting at university back in 1980. The pair shared a passion for art and after training in digital technology; they were inspired to set up the innovative business. We spoke to Paulette to find out more about her inspiration for the art here at Towers, how it’s created and the benefits it brings to businesses and staff. “The brief for each of the offices has been to create artwork based on the Didsbury area including the business parkland”, she explains. “In the Scotscroft building, we worked to match the colour palette of the new interior design scheme for this reception area. Banners were selected as being a particularly suitable product for the very high walls in this interior space and the subject matter of abstract tree shapes reflects the surrounding landscaping at the Towers Park. “Adamson House features montages on metal panels, illustrating focal points or places of historical interest in Didsbury. In Ocean House, we’ve opted for contemporary, large scale drawings of buildings such as the Gatehouse, as murals on the walls.” Paulette and Jackie create bespoke digital artwork that can be blown up to any size and printed onto a wide variety of surfaces ranging from canvas, acrylic, wood, unusual materials such as metal and mirror. In Ocean House, the visuals have been printed directly onto wallpaper. “All of the artwork is created from scratch”, says Paulette. “We are usually given a loose brief and then left to work within certain boundaries but have the flexibility to generate our own ideas and come up with something as creative as possible. The technology we use enables us to create art of any size or colour to suit individual schemes and our clients can review work in progress and make changes as required.” Composite Imaging has worked with companies of all sizes delivering artwork that has made a dramatic difference to offices across the North West. Their projects have included mural montages for the Co-op’s new Noma building in Manchester as well as artwork in corporate colours for the law firm Weightmans in each of its five regional offices. Bringing the humble white wall to life is all in a day’s work for Paulette and Jackie, but they say the benefits for companies are long term. “Artwork in receptions and meeting rooms can be motivating for an organisation’s clients and their employees,” continues Paulette. “For many, it forms an integral part of the interior architecture of a property. It can make an impressive statement about a company and helps provide staff with a high-quality working environment that can boost productivity. We often find that once the first piece is installed, we get more requests as people soon realise the positive impact art can have on a building, visitors and staff.” By: Victoria Russell at iworx
New Didsbury Magazine February 2006 Paulette Bansal and Jackie Anderson hope to bring a touch of tranquillity to patients at Christies Hospital through the donation of two inspiring canvases.