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Twombly 2012
Saw this exhibition recently and really enjoyed it. Great for both colour references and the use of light from similar perspectives. Tate is showing similarities between these artists in style, subject matter & artistic motivation during the last 20-30 years of their lives. The fact that they are decades apart and exploring similar themes and challenges in their work comes across strongly as if they were all painting at the same time. I was reminded of how far ahead Turner was in his time re the atmospheric effects he creates in his paintings.  The smaller paintings with minimal mark- making and brushwork did it most for me,1840-4,’Sea & Sky, Calm Sea with Distant Grey Clouds & ‘Coast Scene with Breaking Waves’. I was still amazed by the techniques used in Monet’s ‘Houses of Parliament and ‘Waterloo Bridge’ considering again the time they were done. Twombly’s later work was  more of a new introduction to me, as not so familiar with this period. The word ‘energy’ comes to mind and a strong use of colour in this particular set paintings that sit well within the exhibition, but still more of a fan of his earlier work. Get to see it if you love landscape, or just love The Tate.
Hepworth Wakefield
Hepworth Wakefield is well worth a visit. Not only is it purpose built and designed by award winning architect, David Chipperfield, it has a great collection of the artists work plus galleries for guest artists. The main focus is on Hepworth whose work is set in context by a number of works by early modern British and European artists. A collection of 40 of the artist’s prototypes and models were gifted to the museum by the Hepworth family and give an insight into the larger works that came from them. You get a real feel from the maquettes on display of how she worked at the various studio spaces in St Ives. Really loved the gallery and the work, great inspiration. Must mention the cafe though- absolutely marvellous, great choice of food, even for vegetarians and coeliacs! Open: Tuesday -Sunday, 10.00am-5.00pm.